To me, being a designer means finding ways in which reciprocal relationships within landscapes where materials originate can, and should be, of influence on ideas of value within industrialised systems and design processes.  

and colors, I really like colors.

Publications and presentations

Presentation on “HUE” at ‘The Multisensory kunstsalon’, Kunstuitleen Rotterdam.

“Much ado about nothing”,  writing

Thingscon salon #6 “fashiontech edition”, wearable technology, 2017, part of student presentations about their projects.

Production short film, Frascatie theater, Amsterdam http://decamerone.nu/artikel/910/

Production “Vissticks”, short film, Skew i Productions
(Winner Cinekid 48H 2014, Amsterdam)https://www.npostart.nl/vissticks/31-12-2014/AT_2027231


Industrial design, Masters degree
                Royal academy of art The Hague    
Interactive media design, Bachelors degree
                Royal academy of art The Hague
Social Anthropology (An Introduction)
                Oxford university
“Who owns live”, Honours class on bio technology and engineering
               Leiden University

Fashion and branding, first semester bachelors degree
                Amsterdam Fashion Institute