Wearable technology
Interactive installation

“This is a combination of art and high tech in an excellent way!”

HUE translates. HUE controls. HUE moves you around. HUE is the junction between an installation and a wearable that let’s you perceive color through rhythmic vibrations. HUE explores the boundaries between the biological senses and the way technology influences our perception.

HUE is based on a theoretical research about the implementation of technological extentions into our bodies. In what way will this be of impact on the way we experience the world around us?

In the installation HUE the visitor gets confused about what they see, they start mistrusting their own visual sense. The wearable gives an ‘explaination’ through a new “language”. It translates the colors into rythmic vibrations. Every color has it’s own rythm that translates the sensation of the visual experience. The question remains if the experience is in line with you own perception or that of the maker.